This weekend we launch our Wexford Strawberry Gin at the Wexford Food Festival, it’s been a long road…

If you have to look at the label to know what ‘seasonal’ gin you are drinking, then it’s not very seasonal is it? So taste not marketing lies at the heart of Wexford Strawberry Gin. So we don’t mention summer or seasonal, instead we let the customer join the dots. Smart lot our customers.

The one big problem with strawberries is they are mostly water. Distil water and what do you get? Even more water. So we have to use lots and lots and lots of strawberries to make an impact.


Each and every strawberry we use was grown for us in Wexford by Susan Kearns, they are frozen, shipped to us and macerated in alcohol for 48 hours to fully extract their flavour. We then mince the berries and add the whole lot to our still. After distillation we add even more strawberries to our gin, along with some blackcurrants; this gives our Wexford Strawberry Gin its wonderful nose and rose tint.


We like our Wexford Strawberry Gin with tonic, a strawberry and a crack of black pepper. I’d like to show you a photo but it hasn’t been taken yet. The problems with bringing a new gin to market are many and varied. In this case every step of the way was jinxed, from the wrong bottle, to the wrong cap, to the wrong shrink seal, to the wrong angelica, wrong juniper, wrong boxes etc., plus at the crucial commercial scale up I lost my sense of smell – that slowed us down a bit!

Wrong cap, or wrong bottle?
Wrong cap, or wrong bottle?

So enjoy the fruits of our labour, and excuse the terrible pun. We are very proud of our Wexford Strawberry Gin and hope that between now and the end of September the sun comes out and you get a chance to kick back, put the feet up and pour yourself a long one. We’ve reached peak-cucumber, time for strawberries to shine!

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