• Welcome to West Waterford

Welcome to Blackwater Distillery, Waterford

Blackwater Distillery is situated on the banks of the Blackwater River, just outside Cappoquin in beautiful West Waterford. With an abundance of clean air, fresh water and plump barley, it’s the perfect setting for Ireland’s first craft gin distillery.

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A Spirit for Irish Apples

When you come to visit us in Ballyduff, you will see a rather lovely stained glass window by Cork artist Peadar Lamb. When we started planning this distillery back in 2017, we made a list of all the things that made the Blackwater valley special, then we commissioned a piece to celebrate it. On the […]

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Fool’s Gold? Investing in Irish Whiskey Casks

We’re in the middle of a gold rush. A liquid gold rush. From three distilleries on the island of Ireland, to over thirty, and all in the lifetime of my second-hand Renault Laguna. In any gold rush some stand to make a fortune, but most will end up grubbing in the mud, or rushing to […]

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2020: The Year of the Oat

Happy New Year! It’s been six months since my last blog, sorry about that. It’s not that I didn’t have something to say, it’s more that we’ve been rather busy cooking up some Irish whisky. So what did we get up to in 2019 and how will than inform what we do in 2020? Well […]

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The Evolution of Pot Still Irish Whiskey and Other Myths

Earlier this week you may have seen this tweet: Which just might have something to do with a series of blog posts I wrote on the vexed subject of Pot Still Irish, that historic mixed mash bill whiskey that’s been with us since at least the 18th Century. Then again their blog might just be a […]

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The Heritage Grain Project #1

There are a couple of questions I get asked all the time. What is the difference between Irish and Scotch? Why do Irish whiskies all taste the same? Us whiskey snobs can roll our eyes all we want, but those questions are more valid that you first might think. Remember most American’s believe Irish is […]

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