Blackwater Irish Whisky Five Grain ‘Planxty Wilcox’


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47.5% alc/vol, 50cl

An Irish whiskey ‘blend’ unlike any other

What happens if you blend a whiskey BEFORE putting it into a cask…? An interesting experiment and that’s what lies behind our first annual Planxty Wilcox release. Named after Head Distiller John Wilcox, this pot still is a vatting of carefully selected distillates all produced in house during our first distilling season back in 2018.

So only John knows exactly what’s in this bottle, but it’s a pencil sketch of our first production season, Q4 2018.  We can tell you it’s malt heavy, but also contains traces of barley, wheat, oat and rye. Although this vatting doesn’t contain any grain whiskey, it is still technically a blend, but it’s also a pot still – so a boundary busting ball of contradictions that laughs in the face of convention.

We simply call this a Five Grain Irish Whisky, we only produced one cask and it can never be repeated. That’s what happens when you are John and you colour outside the lines.

100% Irish grown and malted grain. 100% Blackwater Irish whisky. 100% not compliant.

Distilled 2018; total maturation in American oak, ex-rye cask from good ole ‘merica.

Head Distiller John Wilcox says: ‘marmalade toast with apple butter, stouted molasses.’

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