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Whisky Republic from Blackwater Distillery isn’t just about whisky, it’s brings you information and opinion on the world of spirits. If you can distill it, we’ll talk about it.

Episode 3 –Don’t purchase a cask of whisky until you listen to this!

So you want to buy a cask of whisk(e)y! Then ask yourself why. Is it to make money, or is it to have fun? If it’s the former, whisky writer Ian Buxton asks if you have you really thought it through? If it’s the latter then Serghios Florides editor of Irish Whiskey Magazine, might be able to help.

Episode 2 – Tasting Whisky 2

A ten minute introduction to Irish Whiskey with Blackwater Distillery Head Distiller John Wilcox. 100% factual. What’s not to like?

Episode 1 – Tasting Whisky 1

Whisky Republic with Peter Mulryan kicks off with a two part exploration of taste. Want to know what spirits writer Lew Bryson thinks of tasting notes? Want to write your own?