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Velvet Cap Irish Whiskey

Velvet Cap is a premium blend of 50% malt and 50% grain whiskies sourced from some of Ireland’s finest distilleries. The brand hails originally from Dungarvan, Co Waterford and was the label under which Thomas Power & Co sold their bonded whiskies. We are pleased to be following in this tradition and bringing the brand back to life. Please join us on Sunday 31st May at 8pm for the online launch on our Facebook page and purchase Velvet Cap Irish Whiskey here. #DrinkResponsibly #VelvetCap


We Make Irish Whisky the old fashioned way

While our Irish whisky won’t be released until 2022, right now we are in the heat of production. We’re distilling Single Malt and Traditional Pot Still Irish whisky the old-fashioned way, with every precious drop made with 100% Irish barley, oats, wheat and rye.


Old Fashioned Single Malt & Pot Still Irish Whisky

When we say we make Irish whisky the old fashioned way, we actually mean it. Until 2014 Pot Still Irish whisky was always made from a mixed mash bill; so malt, barley and other grains like oats, wheat and rye. Commonly those ‘other grains’ amounted to around 25% of the total mash bill, that’s a long way from the currently permitted 5%. How we ended up with the current unsustainable Technical File is documented (at length) on our blog pages. Let’s just say we make the kind of Single Pot Still whisky Ireland was once famous for, and not the neutered, revisionist spirit that has hijacked the name.



We Are All About Flavour

So not surprising then, we are all about flavour. For us flavour starts in the field. So all our grain is 100% Irish, and it’s all grown for us. We don’t just use barley and malt, but also rye, oat and wheat – so our mash is sticky, our yields are lower and our accountant hates us.

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We Work With The Seasons

Our mash tun is the mother, she even has a name – Sheela na Gig. She is where life begins, where the sugars are drawn from the grain. Our fermentation is long and slow. We work with the seasons, if it takes 100 + hours so be it.


We Keep As Much Of The Grain Character As Possible

For us distilling isn’t about stripping alcohol, it’s about compounding flavours. To keep as much of the grain character as possible, we double distil and collect at around 71%. Less alcohol = more congeners = more flavour. If you want ethanol, drink vodka.

Our Whisky Sits In Wood For At Least Three Years

Our new make then is robust, fatty, oily and frankly delicious. When made, we ship our new make to Wexford where it is put into wood, and there it will sit for at least three years. The warehouse is dark, airy and right by the sea, but we won’t lie to you, don’t expect any ‘coastal influence’ nonsense, we’re not on a rock in the north sea.


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