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Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin

Blackwater Wexford Strawberry Gin 70cl

Wexford Strawberry Gin

What is more summery than strawberries? Nothing really, except perhaps sun block. We tried distilling that but it tasted disgusting, so we went back to strawberries. In all, thirteen botanicals are distilled to produce this gin, the largest of these being strawberry, as you might expect.

The berries are grown for us just outside Enniscorthy (Co. Wexford) and transported to the distillery in a large cool box. After distillation, we soak even more strawberries in our gin (that’s how it gets its colour), then we bottle it. We don’t add any sugar or sweetener of any sort.

Perfect Serve

Lots of ice, tonic water, fresh strawberry, basil and a crack of black pepper


“The big thing about Wexford Strawberry Gin, both on the nose and to taste, is that it is gin, not a fruit gin, not a sugary mess, tasty gin. Strawberries are used as a botanical here and are interlaced, delicately appearing and disappearing in a mist of spice and citrus in a perfectly balanced ensemble. The strawberries are prominent on the nose, giving the gin a sweet aroma, but juniper is softly present in the background. To taste, citrus, then strawberries, then juniper and other spice emerge. Fantastic journey, fantastic gin.”

– Gin Kiosk UK


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