Boyle’s Gin rocks! At Blackwater Distillery we like a gin shaped challenge.
So what would happen if we designed a gin using local botanicals for taste, not marketing? Well it worked as Boyle’s Gin won Best Irish Gin at the Irish Whiskey Awards, before it was even released.
This is a soft gin where local apples and elderflower combine to give Boyle’s Gin its signature fruity taste. We don’t cut any corners, so the apples are from our own orchard, while the blackcurrants we use were grown in Wexford by Des Jeffares.

Work with fruits
Des in a hair net

We named this gin after alchemist Robert Boyle, the father of modern chemistry. He was born in Lismore Castle and was known to enjoy a G&T. Or maybe we made that last bit up.

In the Republic of Ireland Boyle’s Gin is exclusively sold at ALDI, and why not? We make the same margin, the government take the same tax – all that’s changed is that ALDI take a wafer thin margin and more people get a chance to trade up. So why drink cheap compounded spirits like Cork Dry Gin? When for a similar price you can enjoy a real micro-distilled craft gin.

Boyles Gin
This is a different way of selling, but at Blackwater Distillery we stand over the quality of everything we make. We love a challenge and the road less traveled is always more enticing.