• Welcome to West Waterford

Welcome to Blackwater Distillery, Waterford

Blackwater Distillery is situated on the banks of the Blackwater River, just outside Cappoquin in beautiful West Waterford. With an abundance of clean air, fresh water and plump barley, it’s the perfect setting for Ireland’s first craft gin distillery.

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Pot Still Irish: Our Stolen Heritage Part 1

Ah Pot Still Irish whiskey, that historic mix of malted, ummalted barley and other grains that’s uniquely Irish, I mean what’s not to love? Redbreast carries the standard, it’s a bloody fine whiskey, possibly the best Irish out there. Green Spot (along with yellow and red), again Single Pot Still Irish whiskeys and again awesome. […]

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Single Malt Whiskey: steady as she goes

Since 2014 Irish Whiskey has enjoyed the protection of a European Union GI. There’s a rule book or Technical File which lays out how Irish Whiskey (Single Malt, Pot Still Irish, Grain and Blended) is made. We’ll look at all categories in turn, but let’s start with the least controversial, Single Malt. When the GI […]

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2019: The Year of Living Dangerously

Welcome to 2019. We started this adventure back in 2014, it’s taken longer than we initially thought to get here, but here we are; in our new distillery and producing Irish Whisky. With the build out of the way there’ll be more time for coffee and blogging, so expect more blogs, more opinions and more […]

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Wanted: Distiller at Blackwater Distillery

We are hiring. This just might be the most exciting distilling job in Ireland. Distiller: Blackwater Distillery Blackwater Distillery has already made a name for itself as a producer of innovate and award-winning gins. Now we are moving to a new home and starting the production of Irish Whisky and that’s where you come in. […]

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Ballyduff: An Unexpected Journey

It’s been a while since we last spoke, but the Ballyduff project is going well. I had intended weekly updates on the new distillery build, but life, gin and concrete got in the way. For many reasons this has been an unexpected journey. The destination we had long known; a new micro-distillery, a home, a place […]

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