Talk about a pub with no beer – how about a distillery with no booze? Well, that was us at Whiskey Live Dublin!

A few weeks shy of gin production and with a whole load of ideas to kick about, it seemed silly not to be at Whiskey Live. So we went with fliers, buns, banners and pins – we must be the only distillery in the whole history of Whiskey Live to turn up drier than an old sponge in a temperance hall.

So a big thank you to all who came and talked to us, some of you even pre-bought our gin – if you are one of those we will have more news for you shortly and a bottle will be winging its way to you by the end of November.


We even pre-sold some of our Irish Whisky and presented plenty of happy customers with their historic certificates of ownership. After all it’s not every day a new Irish distillery opens, it’s pretty much every second day.

So if you feel like getting your hands on one of these certificates and one of the first 2014 bottles of Single Malt and/or Pot Still Irish ever made at Blackwater Distillery – then stay tuned, we’ll have a special introductory price over the weekend.

If you fancy a cask, in 2015 we will release just 50 beauties for pre-purchase. Along with a Single Malt offering, you can choose from six varieties of Pot Still Irish – these will be 50 litre octaves so no need to rob a bank.

If you want to be first to hear about these offers, sign up for our mail out and we’ll talk again soon.