It’s a year since our first distillation. Kieran immortalised the date in chalk.


It was bitterly cold the morning we fired up Odin, and the first spirit to be distilled in Waterford in 175 years dripped from the still. That spirit went on to be our one-off Poteen which won a Silver at the International Wine & Spirit Competition.

So here we are a year on – quite a lot has changed and quite a lot more is about to change.

In the past year, we piloted Ireland’s first Hedgerow Gin and Ireland’s first Damson Vodka, we also launched Ireland’s first aged gin with our Juniper Cask offering. Now we are about to take a huge leap and raise €300,000 via the Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme 2016 (EIIS) – a sort of business expansion scheme. We will also look to raise funds through LEADER and equity crowdfunding.

We will have the EIIS prospectus ready very soon and the crowdfunding initiative will be launched shortly thereafter.  So here’s our Pitch Deck – if you like what you see and want to get involved in either scheme, drop me a note or indeed if you know someone who might be, feel free to pass on the link!

We promise to keep innovating, collaborating and making fine spirits.