Blackwater Tanora Gin - Blackwater Distillery

Blackwater Tanora Gin


40% alc/vol, 50cl

Last year we joined forces with Cork’s cult favourite soft drink, Tanora to bring you the Tangerine dream!

Tanora is a uniquely Irish soft drink. The brand’s heritage is rooted in Cork having been initially introduced to Cork City in the 1930s and it continues to be a much-loved drink across the Munster region.

Blackwater ‘Tanora’ Tangerine Gin features a classic juniper profile, ginger and a whole metric-barn load of fresh tangerines to create a perfect Tanora inspired Gin. With 40% alcohol by volume, the gin is bottled in our  classic 50cl clear square bottle, to showcase the distinctive tangerine liquid.


Perfect Serve

Lots of ice, tonic water or ginger ale and a slice of fresh orange