It’s eight months since we launched Blackwater No.5 Gin, so time enough to add to the family – so say hello to Blackwater Copper Pot Still Vodka and Blackwater Juniper Cask Gin.Vodka | Gin


Blackwater Copper Pot Still Vodka is what you’d imagine: clean, bright and every so slightly sweet. When we load the still, we add a small quantity of redistilled gin tails, this softens the mouthfeel and all that copper contact (a small run takes close to 12 hours to complete) means there is absolutely no burn.

Blackwater Juniper Cask Gin is Ireland’s first aged gin. We use the same 12 botanicals you’ll find in No.5, but in different quantities. The casks are made just for us, from Juniper wood we source in Eastern Europe – they each hold around 50 litres and we commissioned them unscorched. During the summer an early prototype debuted at London’s Junipalooza where it sold out.

The sharp eyed among you will also have noticed a tweak to the Blackwater No.5 label. The liquid is still the same, but we have re-positioned the brand slightly and pushed its small batch Irish credentials. Across the range all the label illustrations are new and were painted for us by the hugely talented Gary Cook. Where ever possible we shop local and we are very proud of the fact that so much was done here in Waterford. Passion for Creative did all the thinking and fancy foot work, while EC Labels did all the printing.

At EC Labels
At EC Labels

As a company we try at all times to be honest and transparent in everything we do. So the back labels are blather free and we remain the only new Irish distillery who only put our name on products we ourselves make.

Which is probably a good place to stop this blog post. We have a second announcement coming tomorrow and it’s probably not what you’d expect.