Happy New Year. And what a year 2016 is shaping up to be.

Well these are some of our plans, most probably we won’t tick all the boxes but it’s good to have something to aim for.

The distillery yesterday
The distillery yesterday

Blackwater Distillery was always conceived of as a three phase project. Phase 1, to get a white spirits distillery going. Phase 2, to move into brown spirits. Phase 3, to add a tourism offering. We first touched on this expansion a couple of months ago and thank you for all those who left comments.

  1. As we are currently spilling out of the building we are in, so we are going to need more space. So a move is on the cards. That means phases 2 and 3 should ideally happen at the same time. We have two buildings in mind and hope to tie something down asap.
  2. We have two copper stills on order (proper pot stills, not hybrids) and are finalising our brew house requirements. We will be a true small batch distillery, so the whole system will be designed around that philosophy.
  3. We will shortly raise funds to complete our current funding requirements. A small portion of this will be crowd-funded. The exact details are still being worked on, but we will be selling real equity in the company, that is ‘A’ shares, the same class of share we ourselves own. Again this ties in with our promise of honest and transparency in everything we do. Very shortly we will email everyone on our data base. They and you blog readers will get the first offer. In the meantime if this is of interest to anyone out there please get in contact and we will send you more detailed information. The best way is via my profile on LinkedIn
  4. We will continue to collaborate and innovate plus we have some great products planned for 2016. We will continue to be open to those interested in looking around. We will continue to share knowledge and encourage other small distillers. We will continue to be cranky.

Here’s to 2016!