As I sit here shivering in an unheated office, I wonder why so many people think opening a distillery is glamorous.


Yes, there is all the soup you can fit into a Thermos, but is that enough? I guess it’s glamorous in the same way Communication Studies at DCU is glamorous, or yakking at the Dublin Web Summit is glamorous – we invest so much in the image that the reality can only fall short of the fantasy. Yes on TV you get to meet crazy people and go even crazier places (on expense) and in the world of the web… well I’m sure interesting things happen. Setting up a distilling then is similar, but with soup  – unless of course, you have buckets of money in which case it’s warm foie gras.

At the moment there are a lot of wrenches, screwdrivers and swear words in my life. A lot of dropping fiddly little washers and thumb-whacking. Just the kind of work they never prepare your hands for at DCU. Bastards.

But just when I feel like pulling on those skinny jeans, growing a bushy bush of a beard and running off to become a barista – I get the sweet smell of juniper. Ok, it’s mixed with the not-so-sweet smell of Crown Trade Paint – but it’s better than nothing. In fact it’s a lot better to get covered in tattoos just so I can serve coffee.

We are no longer botanically challenged

Speaking of which. Time to put on the kettle. It’s a heat source.