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I’ll get to the point.

Early in 2016 Blackwater Distillery will crowdfund our new still.



A still is of course the sexy piece of the jigsaw puzzle and sounds better than ‘we will crowdfund the pipework’, or ‘crowdfund a couple of stainless steel tanks’. Either way we will take it to the crowd to raise a small but important bit of cash, which will go into the Blackwater piggy bank, pay for part of the still and get phase ii across the line.

Blackwater Distillery was always a three phase project. Phase i was to get a white spirits distillery operational by the end of 2014. We didn’t quite make that date, we fired up Odin on the last day of January 2015, Sally in February and by March had product on the shelves.

What is Phase ii? Brown spirits ie. poteen, whiskey, chef sauce. So we need to brew on site and we need a larger still. All the gear has been sourced and all going well by the spring we’ll be back on track. Phase iii involves moving and installing a roller disco on the roof, that may happen at the same time, it may not.

With crowdfunding comes risks. We will be the third Irish distillery project to try it and the first two failed. Having said that, not succeeding on Kickstarter does not mean the project can’t succeed. Indeed the two earlier projects are still all go and we wish them the very best. Us small guys need to stick together, it’s cold out there. Micro-distilleries are here because those behind them really want to do something interesting and rewarding at home. Multi-nationals are here because they are not allowed to make Irish Whiskey anywhere else.

Kieran looks to the future.

Kieran looks to the future.

How can you help? Let people know what’s coming. We’d also like to know what rewards you’d like. We’re not doing gimmicks, empty bottles and high-fives on twitter. Investing is also a risk for you. So we feel you should be rewarded. So talk to us. We want to be Ireland’s crankiest distillery so we’ve got two months to let the world know.


  • Did ye go ahead with this in the end? A wall of thanks and becoming a little bit immortal would be cool for a few bob donation

  • Hi
    I’ve been involved in a few equity fund raises – they all worked (but one of the three businesses failed!). Two were via Crowdcube and they seem to have a strong focus on craft brewing /distilling etc. So it may be worth checking them out if you decide to go down that route rather than the pre-pay kickstarter stay route. But if you did – depending on the plan – I may be up for a punt!

    good look

  • I saw a comment on another blog post which said that you could not sell direct from the distillery. This is technically incorrect, as holder of a manufacturer’s lieence you are are also a holder of a wholesaler’s licence:

    Manufacturer’s Licences

    A Manufacturer’s Licence is one required by Brewers, Cider Manufacturers, Distillers, Rectifiers or Compounders.

    The Manufacturer’s Licence also authorises Wholesale dealing at the premises where the liquor is manufactured, providing the liquor being sold is the produce of the Manufacturer and is sold from that premises.

    And a wholesaler may sell in the following quantities to the public:

    A Spirit Dealers or Wine Dealers Licence authorises the sale of Spirits or Wine, as the case may be, to a person who is Licensed to sell Spirits or Wine by retail in any quantity not less than half a gallon, and to any other person in any quantity not less than two gallons or one dozen reputed quart bottles. In the case of Spirits, the minimum quantities may be made up of different denominations of Spirits.

    So in bulk you can sell not less than 9.09L and bottled 13.4L [converted from Imperial measures].

    Cask shares etc. can often be quite dear and probably a logistical nightmare for the distillery. Why not sell a more manageable quantity direct to the public cutting out the middleman?

      • That’s true but it’s equally true of other products like cask shares etc. And its not as if 9L of gin/vodka etc. is an enormous quantity either. It’s just slightly over a 12 bottle case (12 x 70cl = 8.4L). I’d happily buy a jerrycan of it and bottle it into swing-top lemondae bottles and do my own experiments with aging or botanicals.

        How about selling a quarter cask of new make pot still whiskey for people to age at home like they did in our grandfather’s time?

  • Hi Peter, guys,
    I would love to get involved, and will be trying to scratch a few quid together to help out. What would CERTAINLY make it more attractive for me would be a reward that felt like a fraction of ownership, if you know what I mean. Or payment in drink would work (hic) (sic). I have only participated in crowd funding a business once before, and it was very small scale, and the “reward” left me feeling that the whole thing had been slightly scam-y (it wasn’t, it was just it felt it). Regards and best of luck.

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